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Welcome to Equine Magic International, est 2012, bringing Internationally recognized certifications and programs to the Top End. We have blended our Horsemanship with Psychology and Equine Assisted Mental Health Programs. We are National and International Award winners across the entire team and we look forward to helping you with your journey. We offer a range of programs and experiences and can tailor a program to suit individual goals. 

Horse Whisperer

EAL - Equine Assisted Learning

EAL is a skills-based program. Suitable for all ages. Taking the client's goal and following a 5-week program of activities that promote:

Personal Growth,

Effective Communication


Developing  Respect,

Mindfulness and Emotional Awareness. 

Problem Solving


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Client Led Clinical Therapy

Clear Goals and Outcomes

Professional Support

No Equine Experience Needed

Minimum age 5yrs, Adult sessions available.  

10 Week Block of Therapy

NDIS Approved

Three Horses

Professional Skill Building/ Team Building

Equine Assisted Learning is an excellent tool to help groups communicate, connect and develop clear leadership and respect. All of these skills are essential to horses in order to survive. Just as they are essential for a team to succeed.

Horse Legs

Professional Skill Building/ Team Building

Communication and Body Language



Practise skills in a non-confrontational environment

Retreats Available

Group size by negoatiation

Image by Gene Devine
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