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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is a ground-based program (no riding) that combines the skills of a trained equine team, a psychologist, and an equine specialist in behavior and mental health. The program combines the nervous system regulation influenced by the equine team, with psychotherapy strategies and hands-on activities to work towards the clients' goals. The equines provide engagement and interest to the client, provide unconditional support and assist in both education and practice of skills. 


Clients cannot connect or work with the equines when they are in a heightened state and learn to regulate their energy and emotions in order to achieve goals. Additionally, they can work on fear, recognizing body language, releasing trauma and emotion, gaining confidence, and problem-solving. All with the guidance of the highly qualified psychology team.  

Some of the things we work on in the session include:

  • Mindfulness and Self Regulation

  • Memory Skills

  • Rules and Boundaries

  • Confidence and Problem Solving

  • Listening Skills and Recall

  • Communication Skills

  • Creating a safe space to talk

  • Respect and Trust

  • Better engagement

  • Hands on learning/ Learning through experience

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