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Embodied Processing Therapy

Embodied Processing Therapy is an innovative approach to somatic processing, trauma healing and therapy. By engaging both body and mind, this therapy helps to bring awareness to the connection between body and mind, allowing for deeper healing and transformation. It is a powerful tool to help process and move through past trauma, develop greater self-awareness, and to foster a more meaningful connection to yourself and others.

Some strategies include movement-based activities, finding safety in the body, becoming aware of  body parts, releasing trauma, and learning to accept and feel safe in your body.

Portrait in Nature

Somatic Processing

Somatic Processing is a type of trauma processing and healing that is non-invasive and does not involve talking like many other types of counselling and psychotherapy. It is a body-based approach that helps individuals to process and resolve trauma and emotional distress. The process focuses on the body’s responses to stress and trauma and helps to rebuild the body’s natural capacity for self-regulation, resilience and well-being. The focus is on self-regulation, learning how to feel emotions and release them from the body in safe and effective ways. Clients are supported in a safe space to explore their trauma and learn strategies to heal. 





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