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If you have any further questions about any of our services or programs, please feel free to get in touch with us. 
  • Can we ride the horses and mules?
    No, I'm sorry. The safest way to keep our clients and equines safe is to offer ground based services. Riding requires alot from not only the equines but also the physical skills of the rider. We work with the clients mental health and emotional state not their core strength and balance. Our programs are ground based to be accessable to a wider variety of clients of all abilties and levels of experience. Alot of our equine team have retired from competition or are at the beginning of their careers and this gives them a meaningful life and interactions with humans that doesn't involve a physical toll
  • Is this a type of animal entertainment?
    No! This is therapy it is a well researched, highly engageing model of therapy that is internationally recognised. The equines in the program are not trick ponies or entertainer in anyway. They are equal members of the therapy team who have been specially selected and trained to be able to offer our clients a high level of engagement and therapy. We are not a petting zoo, show or party engagement.
  • Is there anyone who can't participate?
    No. We have had many clients of all abilities and diagnosies we tailer the programs to the individuals and their goals Groups and families are welcome to attend group sessions We have a highly skilled team and can work with a variety or ages and diagnosis's. Some sessions are outdoors and so considerations are made to help suit the clients needs.
  • Do I need a referral?
    No. We do accept referrals from case managers, insurance companies, and government departments however we also accept self referals and will conduct a thorough intake upon enquiry.
  • Where can I access these services?
    We have a range of options and work out of premises in Humpty Doo, NT 0836 and Millner NT 0810. But we also run retreats in various locations (Covid Pending) and our online courses will be available internationally. Additionally we have a travelling service and can go just about anywhere by negotiation. Our team is well travelled and ready to assist.
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