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Welcome to our "About us page" Please take a moment to learn more about our services and team. If you have any questions please use the contact page and we will be happy to chat further. 


Who do We help?

In short... Everyone :)

We work with special needs children and adults, trauma clients, veterans, youth justice, and family services. We have found this to be an effective model of therapy for engaging and retaining attendance from clients who struggle with traditional methods of therapy. We have a hands-on practical approach and combine many types of traditional therapies with equine-assisted activities.   


We do not offer riding, as this is solely about building personal skills, resilience, mental health, and healing through using horses and ponies as a medium to provide an external focus on each client's individual journey.


The equines are a traveling team with our programs being run in Humpty Doo and Millner, however, the team can be traveled to other locations to provide therapy. This will of course adjust costs depending on factors such as arena space etc. Small groups and individuals can be catered for. These programs are aimed at everyone regardless of age and experience. No equine skills or knowledge is needed prior to attending. 

Other therapy options are delivered at Coolalinga NT and Online, or remotely on request. Other services include a range of trauma unformed services and do not include the equine team. I offer both one on one sessions and group workshops in mental health and wellness skillsets.  

Rashida and Kallie

Rashida Khan

Founder and facillitator

I have been involved with horses for more than 20yrs and have worked in a professional capacity coaching/ teaching, training, and breeding horses and mules.


I have blended horsemanship skills to offer a different type of Equine Assisted Learning, one that works on mental connection, communication, and leadership skills.


I am qualified with EAGALA. The International Standard in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and PATH Int' l. This opens an exciting opportunity for Mental Health professionals to make use of this method and service in the NT. This is an effective tool for engaging disconnected people and allowing self-imposed learning and healing.


In addition to being Internationally certified in Equine Assisted Mental Health, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), DV, and MHFA (V), Certified Professional Life Coach, Trauma Informed Coach, Embodied Processing Practitioner and Root Cause Therapist. Additionally, I have studied Animal Nutrition and Behaviour and Human Psychology at a Post Grad level and am continuing on an academic route to a research project in the field. 

I am also the Co-chair of the NT branch of Animal Therapies Australia and the 2020/21 Winner of the National Equine Therapy Award. 

2021 and 2022 Nominee/ Finalist for the NT Community Achievement Award in the category of Health and Wellbeing and a finalist in the 2022 NT Disability Inclusion Awards

I have traveled extensively both regionally and internationally working with a variety of populations to bring internationally recognized qualifications and programs to the NT.

Additionally, I am developing digital tools to complement our range of services

The Team

Equines Who Make the Magic

The equines used in the programs are a mix of stud stock, performance horses, retirees, and rescues. They are as diverse as the humans we help. We are not restricted to horses but also use mules. The mules are a valuable asset to the therapy due to their different behavior and ability compared to horses.


The stock we use is specially selected from before birth (genetic traits are selected from the parents) and then foals are imprinted at birth and then allowed to choose to join the team. This depends on their personality, aptitude for the work, and individual preferences. For example, some of the team are extroverts and love the close contact of psychotherapy, others are more sensitive and will thrive in EAL settings or group work.


We have award-winning equines in both the Australian DABSA Versatility Hall of Fame and also the ADMS (USA) Versatility Hall of Fame. 


We have a strong focus on animal welfare and none of our equines are forced to work, they have a choice to participate in sessions and even programs. The team is often rotated through our 30 equines to ensure their mental and emotional health is taken care of. Therapy can be demanding and so we are vigilant to ensure the team is comfortable. 


Our team is regarded as equals to our treating team. We don't use them in session but rather interact with them and learn from the interactions. We value their input and ability with clients, and so none of our programs include any form of entertainment such as asking the equines to perform tricks or be painted or anything like that. We do not offer entertainment. 

Image by Ansgar Scheffold

Therapy in Action

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