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Life Coaching vs Therapy. Whats the Difference?

Life coaching and therapy are both designed to help people improve their lives, but they differ in some important ways.

Life coaching is focused on helping people achieve specific goals or outcomes in their personal or professional lives. It is more action-oriented and goal-directed than therapy, and it is generally more concerned with the present and the future than with the past.

Therapy, on the other hand, is focused on treating mental health issues and helping people work through emotional problems, traumatic experiences, and other psychological challenges. It is more introspective and focused on self-exploration than life coaching, and it is typically more concerned with the past and how it affects the present.

Life coaching is often seen as a more proactive and practical approach to personal development, while therapy is more reactive and focused on addressing problems that have already arisen. That being said, there is some overlap between the two, and some coaches and therapists may use similar techniques to help their clients achieve their goals. Ultimately, the choice between life coaching and therapy will depend on your individual needs and goals.

We offer Trauma Informed Coaching and Life Coaching both face-to-face and via Zoom. In addition to a range of Therapy options.

We offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Root Cause Therapy, and Embodied (Somatic) Processing. All services can be found on the website or contact us for availability and bookings.

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